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Mental Health Language: Sight

Last month we started our series on mental health languages and followed up with detailed insight on the benefits of movement and sound to your self-care routine. This week, we will continue our discussion by focusing on the third of the four languages; sight. Below, gain knowledge on the benefits of sight in your healing process and ways that you can incorporate this language on a daily basis.

When experiencing an anxiety attack or depressive symptoms, a holistic healer may suggest that you opt for grounding techniques to aid in regaining a connection with yourself. The first step in grounding is generally to find five things that you can see. During this process, you may want to verbally or mentally express what it is you're seeing in great detail. Take note of the colors and shapes. Be mindful of the various tones, lights, shadows, and depths of those objects. If you're a visual learner or one that uses sight to reconnect with yourself, you may opt in to the following activities to ease your anxieties:

-Reading a book

-Visiting a museum

-Taking a nature walk

-Watching the waves of the ocean

-Viewing the trees as the breeze intertwines with their branches




-Watching the clouds

-Taking in a movie or show

An interesting note: Depression and anxiety may be predictors of vision impairment in the future.

Short and sweet this week. While you're here though, don't forget to download the "Make the Most of Each Day by Asking Yourself These 7 Questions" workbook for free!


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