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Stress Management

If burnout tends to be a common occurrence for you, it would be in your best interest to start studying some stress management techniques.

There are certain things you can do to combat stress:

  • Don't take on too much at work or at home.

  • Remember that you can - and should - tell people "no."

  • Make time for yourself.

  • Ask for help from others.

I feel like toddlers have the keys to success when it comes to this mental health thing. Hear me out!

  • They are wonderful at establishing boundaries and are, most times, obsessed with the word "no".

  • Toddlers have a tendency to do exactly what they want to do (to the best of their capabilities) despite how much it irritates their guardians and regardless of how many times they fail.

  • Play time is play time. Nap time is nap time. And when they are ready to eat, you better get them some food or it's full meltdown time. Their time is theirs and they don't care too much about what you've got going on.

  • They are adamant about their goals (walking, talking, etc.) and work towards success, but not so much that they burnout. They know when it's time to walk away from certain tasks.

Basically, be a toddler when it comes to your self-care routine. That sounds crazy, but they get it! Back to our discussion on combatting stress...

Know Your Warning Signs

Once you've suffered burnout, you'll certainly want to know how you can avoid a similar situation in the future. Study the factors that led to burnout, and identify your mistakes so you can avoid making them again in the future.

In the End

These strategies will help you regain peace with yourself. If there are any outstanding issues that you need to resolve, seek solutions so you can achieve peace. You can do so through self-reflection, prayer, meditation, and communication. And once you do, you'll avoid burnout altogether!

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Aisha Makes Bariki
Aisha Makes Bariki
Apr 22, 2021


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