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App & Down: 5 Apps to Help You Recenter

If your days are anything like mine, calling them a roller coaster is truly an understatement. Though life can be crazy and challenges seem to pop up like a jack-in-the-box, you have a support system. Actually, there's an app for that!


Shine is an app created by women to make self-care readily available and inclusive to individuals worldwide. With well over 2 million users in 189 countries, the Shine app is a leader in digital wellness. After downloading the app, you create the types of notifications that you wish to receive. Users that choose to take advantage of the daily notifications receive a digital accountability partner complete with actionable tips to boost self-esteem, mental wellness, productivity and overall happiness. Users may also take advantage of meditation tips, the Shine community support system, and various webinars and challenges to boost your mood. This is easily my favorite wellness app and will surely become yours as well.

Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine is a beautifully crafted application that provides daily inspiration, meditation exercises and inspirational podcasts. My favorite features of the app are the daily mantras, meditation exercises, and the various mindfulness and inspirational talks. The different guided meditations are well organized and can be searched according to the topic that you, as an individual, feel is most needed in your life. Also, Londrelle, the app’s creator, has an incredibly soothing voice. Relax and let his guided meditation take you away.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer has an incredible library of over 25,000 guided meditations led by teachers from all over the globe. These meditations focus on topics such as managing stress, relationships, calming the mind, creativity and more. With a community of over 6 million users, individuals are able to track exactly how many people are meditating with them at that very moment which often allows users to feel a sense of inclusion, understanding and support.


The Chill app is great for those that need gentle reminders throughout the day *coughs* me *coughs*. For those that have a tendency to lose focus, the Chill app delivers quotes and images to help ease the mind. What I like most is that I can schedule my mindfulness notifications for times that I feel that I may need them most (ie: around 9:00am when you’re logging into your computer and haven’t yet finished your first cup of coffee).


Last but not least, the Gratitude app. Unlike the others, the Gratitude app requires its users to put action behind their thoughts. This app is like a personal journal that encourages users to detail what they are most grateful for throughout their day. Expressing gratitude allows individuals to remain focused on the positive things and moments that occur and share them for future, personal reference.

What are some of your favs?


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