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Living Purposefully

At this point in my journey, I can honestly say that I live as authentically as possible and that's mainly because I have found my purpose. For years, most assumed that my purpose was solely to dance on various stages or perform and teach dance to others. While I have enjoyed touring and performing, true joy was found in healing others through dance and the arts. I will be the first to admit that getting to this point of authentic living and purpose driver work was NOT EASY, especially when challenging situations arise. In those moments, it is difficult to distinguish between our feelings of discomfort and our revelation of something different; something purpose driven. Be mindful that these growing pains and difficult experiences are all necessary parts of the journey. Give yourself some grace. Allow yourself to indulge in kindness towards yourself. Be patient and know that your season is coming. Below, find more tips on how to deal with the hardships of discovering your purpose and living authentically.

Establish your values and stay connected with them.

Your values are the things and qualities that you consider to be of highest importance to you. Your values can be your family, creativity, humanity, freedom, etc. It is important that as you go along your journey, you stay connected with them and allow your actions to be aligned with them at all times. If you are placed in a compromised position, or a situation that deters you from your values, take a moment to reassess your values and how you can operate differently.

Keep a journal!

I know. I say this often, but it really is life altering. For me, writing down my values often keeps them at the forefront of my mind. I hold these thoughts in my head and then create goals that match what is most valuable to me. The goal is to have congruence between your desires and your values. Also, my journal keeps me accountable. By writing down the things that inspire, energize, and relieve me, I have a reminder of what to do when growing pains present themselves. In addition, I am able to remind myself of my values as I move towards reaching new goals.

Are you learning or suffering?

Practicing self-awareness frequently will help you to best answer this question. In our lives, we will undoubtedly experience struggles and various challenges. Many of these challenges, and even some of our setbacks, are happen to better us and to help us learn in a way that continuous success cannot. Be clear, however, that if these struggles cause excessive stress or undue suffering that limits you from learning and growing, it may be time for you to move on. That doesn't make you any less productive or a failure. This means that you are wise enough to know when to let go and that you value your time enough to use it in another way.

This week, I challenge you to give yourself permission to live, and live in abundance! Live a BIG life! Stop playing small and step into who you were purposed to be!


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