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Autumn Mindfulness

"The changing leaves remind us of how good it feels to let the dead things go!"

I love nature! Hiking. Laying out in my hammock. Taking long walks. Regardless of the season, I enjoy being outside and being one with the Creator's best works. As I matured, I gained a greater appreciation for nature during autumn and springtime. Why? Because nature is not only healing, but in observation, nature can teach us lessons in patience, adapting to change, kindness, and attentive care. If you are open to learning, nature can teach you lessons that an educator and a book can't.

By now, I'm sure many of you know about the health benefits of being close to nature; whether that be on a hike or simply caring for a houseplant (y'all know I love houseplants). Taking time to immerse yourself in the wonders of the world has been shown to lower your blood pressure, aid in a more restful sleep, and better your overall mental health. The antigens in plants can bind to the antibodies within the human body and neutralize potentially harmful substances that are being held within. Nature is literally healing your body on your various outings. How cool is that? Aside from the physical health benefits, nature is hard at work on your mental and emotional well-being.

Perhaps the largest lessons to be gained from having plants or being among nature is how to show compassion and empathy, and how to demonstrate patience and kindness towards yourself. As a plant parent, I have seen my plants thrive in their growing season. During the spring and summer months, I literally see new leaves every day. In contrast, during the fall and winter months, I have also seen them struggle to produce a single new leaf and I rarely see any of them flower. During this time, we see these plants change and adapt to the season that they are in. We, as humans, are no different. For example, you may have heightened productivity during certain "seasons" in your life. In these moments you may be experiencing great expansion and an increased zeal for life in general. In other "seasons", however, you may find it difficult to even get out of the bed. In this restful "season", you may experience stillness and sometimes sadness. I am sure we have all been there. It's natural. Each "season" serves a purpose and in order to grow, sometimes your body will require a similar stillness that is acquired by plants during the colder months.

We also require differing levels of care during these "seasons". Like plants, we require water, sun, energy, light, love, and nutrients to grow. In order to truly maintain levels of care during our various "seasons", it is important to know and then hone in on what you need specifically. Ask yourself what do you need to best care for yourself today? What type of human fertilizer do you need to flourish and grow? Is it rest? Is it movement? Is it quality time with those that you love? What will help you to best adapt to the various "seasons" in your life? Remember to be patient with yourself and cognizant of your needs as you move throughout this "season". Nourish your inner garden with the same care, consideration, and empathy that is taken in nature.


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