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Today is...

What day is it? Oh, Blursday!

Today is day number (I have no idea) of the Covid-19 pandemic. I am sure that I am not the only one that is still struggling to gain a sense of normalcy and routine during this crisis, and I am noticing as the days increase, it has been harder to gain and then maintain my focus. Each day feels all too familiar as they continue to run into each other. My schedule seems to have completely disappeared and is now replaced by last-minute calls and meetings, walking around leisurely and making frequent pit stops to the fridge. I never thought that I would say this but...I low key miss the craziness of my schedule. Without a “normal” schedule, I feel less motivated, unproductive, and a bit spaced out. If you are feeling anything like this, please continue reading as I provide practical methods of coping with “The Blur”.

1. Get Up and Get Dressed

I love sweatpants, tees and leggings as much as the next person, however, to create diversity in our new norm of routines, switch it up! Getting up and getting dressed allows you to set the tone for the rest of your productive day.

2. Make Your Bed

Now that you’re dressed, make your bed. I know working from home can mean working from the comfort of your bed. In fact, one study reveals that 80% of young people admit to working from their bed. This has shown to decrease productivity and alter sleep patterns because our brains begin to associate the bed with work rather than rest.

3. Set Boundaries!

Set your alarm! When it’s time to work, work! When it is time to get off, clock out and walk away! I’ll admit that I am constantly checking my emails. STOP! After 8pm, I have decided that it can wait until I am back at work in the morning. Your home should be your sanctuary and though we are still to work from this sanctuary, that doesn’t mean we remove the peace associated with your space.

4. Update Your Calendar

I know. I know. There isn’t much to add and it probably doesn’t change as frequently as it once did, but keeping your brain in the routine signals a sense of normalcy. Bring awareness back to your brain that you are a productive and active member of society.

5. Create Balance

Create the rhythm that works best for you! If you can’t focus because you haven’t taken your morning walk, make sure to schedule and commit to time for yourself in the morning before your day begins. Find time for yourself to do things that stimulate your mind and body and incorporate them often. I have found myself filling my calendar with things that I enjoy and setting alarms to make sure that I hold myself accountable to experience those things. Affirm: I will not sacrifice balance due to this pandemic. My mental health is key!


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