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Is Election Anxiety a Thing?

The 2020 election. I'm sure most of you just rolled your eyes at just the thought of talking about this again. I get it. Give me just two minutes of your time...

For me, every election brings a certain level of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. This election, however, has exacerbated those feelings beyond belief. Aside from being in the middle of a global pandemic and a fight for social justice to dismantle systemic racism and unfair treatment, we are all, in many ways, grieving and attempting to process all of the happenings that have occurred this year. It is a heavy load and it makes the current political climate that much difficult to cope with.

We all know that the people in power on both a national and local level have the power to shape our lives in the present and the lives of our future. We are tasked with making a decision that has lasting effects of far more than four years. That is a great amount of pressure! This pressure is even greater for those living in marginalized communities. Though the stakes are high, I wanted to encourage you during this time and remind you that it is okay to feel whatever it is you're feeling, and it is important that you do not gloss over the experience of your emotions. It's okay to not be okay.

Your emotions are valid!

Though I can't tell you how to feel and I there's no rule book to how one should act during a time that is unique to us all, I can say that acknowledging what we feel is the first step to learning how to cope. Validate your feelings and listen to your mind and body. Often, they both do a great job at telling us what it is that we need in the moment. Be intentional about showing yourself attention and love, especially during this time; when it is needed most. Showing up for yourself is key. Make note of where stress is showing up in your body, explore that space with an open mind and curiosity, and tend to it. Disconnect if you need to. Turn off the phone. Turn off the TV. Journal. Sing. Dance. Take care of yourself by being honest and open with your emotions. This is a difficult moment, but it is just a moment. Once your emotions are addressed, give yourself permission to release them.

What are some ways that you are calming election anxiety during this election season?


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