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Detox Your Mind (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

I am so proud of you! You made it to the second half of 2020! It has been a fight, for sure, but you did it! As promised, here are some additional steps to help you de-clutter and detox your mind.

Clutter in the brain results in lack of focus, stress, overwhelming fatigue, unhappiness, and even physical health issues. This clutter can also cause disruptions in your relationships with others. Better your relationship with yourself and others, follow these steps:

6. Be Honest With Yourself

Sometimes confronting ourselves is the hardest part of the journey, however, in order to reach a new level of self discovery, one must open themselves up to the changes around them and be realistic about the expectations that they have for themselves and others. To better understand your needs and wants, complete a self-assessment. Ask yourself:

-What is working in my life?

-What isn't?

-In what ways can I improve?

-What needs to be changed to accomplish the goals that I have set forth for myself?

-What is worthy of my time?

-Who is worthy of my time?

-What are my goals?

-What obstacles are getting in the way of my goals?

-What relationships are getting in the way of my goals?

Once these questions are answered, move on to the next step.

7. Reflect, Refocus, and Let Go!

Now that you have answered the aforementioned questions, you are in a better place to release the things that no longer serve you. In order to refocus, you must be willing to let go of some things, behaviors, and people if they do not align with the things that you desire in your life or the person that you desire to be. What is standing between you and your happiness? Let. It. Go!

8. Journal

Journaling is a HUGE part og my release. Journaling allows you to release freely without criticism or judgement. In your journal, you can vent and disclose all of the things that may be bothering you, challenging or stunting your growth. Here, you also have a safe space that you can share your triumphs throughout your journey. Unload!

9. Get Physical

I often encourage my friends to go out and spend some time with nature. In nature we find inspiration, solace, and appreciation for things that are greater than the self. Being outside and getting active allows you to release endorphins which leaves the body with a positive feeling. Science also suggests that increases in vitamin D is an incredible mood booster!

10. Visualize Yourself as the Person You Aim To Be

Remember those affirmations from last week? Bring those back into focus. How does that person look that has fully embodied those statements? Are they happy? Are they excelling? Do they feel free? I hope so! You are fully capable of being the person that you wish to be and accomplishing all that you wish to. Again, I am so proud of you and am glad that you are realizing both your potentials and your already great inner and outer self!


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